7 Accredited Businesses Reveal What Keeps Their Customers Coming Back

What is it about your business that makes your customers come back? We asked several Accredited Businesses from different industries across North America to answer this question. Though each had a different take, all were united in one purpose–to provide the type of exceptional and trustworthy service that creates lifetime customers.

Most of these methods can be applied to any industry or business. You just have to find out what works for your business and what helps you earn and keep your customers’ trust.


Bass Tires owner smiling

“We walk the walk.”

Bass Tires is known for doing exactly what they say they’re going to do. It’s not easy for consumers to find an auto repair shop they can trust and who will not take advantage of them. Customers are loyal to Bass Tire Company because they know they won’t get ripped off and will be taken care of.

“A lot of companies will talk the talk, but we walk the walk. We work very hard on that every day in order to earn and keep the loyalty of our customers. BBB Accreditation helps drive new customers to our door, but it’s up to us to support that trust and not disappoint them.” – Steve Bass, Owner


airoom accredited president standing in kitchen

“We are a BBB Accredited Business.”

In Airoom’s geographical area, the construction and remodeling industry is not policed, so it’s easy for consumers to be misled. Airoom takes great pride in showing their BBB Accreditation to prospective clients. They want them to feel confident that their hard-earned money is in good hands.

“In Illinois there is no accreditation for being a contractor. Anyone can say they’re a contractor. But with BBB Accreditation and an A plus rating, people can see that we’ve stood the test of time and how well we have done for other clients in the last several years. It’s hard to keep up standards for this type of work in an industry that for a long time was thought of as not the most honest and ethical.” – Tom Graham, President


mosby building arts owner

“We stay current in our industry.”

One of the best things Mosby Building Arts feels they can do to better serve their clients is to stay on top of home building and remodeling industry trends. They’re not just looking around their hometown but all over the country for best practices and new ideas. They also take advantage of all the resources BBB offers to help them stay current.

“Continuous improvement is a big deal for us. BBB is very deep into educating members. It’s important that we have somebody that we can partner with and will help us find out what the next step is. So one of the most valuable things that I find in BBB is being active on committees and involved in the board. Being part of BBB helps put us around smart people who understand the right ways to do business. It helps us accelerate growth and stay on the right track with the best values, practices, and methods.” – Scott Mosby, President


advanced electronics manager standing by TVs

“We go the extra mile.”

The customers at Advance Electronics are loyal for a reason. They matter, and it shows. The team at Advance Electronics is there for their customers before, and long after, any sales transaction takes place. Going the extra mile is what you do if you genuinely care about someone, and Advance Electronics definitely cares about their customers.

“Last week, we got a call from one of our customers, who’s been coming to us for about 20 years. Her husband had recently passed away and she was a bit emotional on the phone. She needed help moving some equipment from her old place to her new place and setting it up. Without hesitation, we got on it and didn’t charge her anything, simply because we knew she was in a tough spot. She was so happy and thankful, and that truly humbled me. What we did for her wasn’t huge, but sometimes it’s the little things that can make such a big difference in someone’s life.” – Rob Olinyk, Store Manager


entegra credit union president sitting down

“Trust is the most important value we hold as a business.”

Entegra is deeply rooted in building trust with their members. After all, Entegra was derived from the word “integrity,” so being honest and up front is the essence of who they are. They definitely have no problem living up to it.

“Our most valuable asset of our business is our people, both our employees and our members. We pride ourselves on building a relationship with each member to really understand what their financial needs are. Our members are able to rely on our advice and expertise when embarking on major financial decisions. They trust that they’re getting professional and knowledgeable advice, the best rates possible and fair service fees. ” – Gordon Kirkwood, CEO


Herzing college president standing in classroom

“We create a community for our students.”

Herzing College is committed to providing an experience for students that they won’t find anywhere else. They want people to feel a sense of belonging, a sense of community.

“We want campus life to be more than just coming here to get an education. We want it to be an opportunity for students to learn from each other and to experience other cultures. The beautiful thing with this building right now, is that the students are forming a community. What we have found is that students become very connected to the school.

Once a year, we have a barbecue for the entire student body community, past and current students are invited to come out. We have games for the family. The idea behind that is that we recognize the students have an extension of their lives that goes beyond the school. We want their families to experience what Herzing has to offer.” – Kerry Swanson, President


schaefer auto body centers standing in body shop

“We hire the best.”

Their unique approach to hiring talent has helped them find some of the best people in their industry. In order to give their customers the best auto body service possible, Schaefer Auto Body Centers believe they have to hire the best.

“I would say the thing that makes this business stand out more than anything else is the people we bring into the company. Our employees, I believe, are the best in the industry. We have a unique way of recruiting talent for our management and administrative staff. We actually look for people who have strong talent but are outside of our industry. The advantage there is that they come in with fresh eyes and new ideas, and they help us to improve our business and stay current with the needs of our customers. Some of the best guys in the industry work for us. They are all passionate about what they do and about the company.” – Scott Schaefer, Vice President


– Walk the walk. Do what you say you’re going to do.
– Display your BBB Accreditation for all to see.
– Stay current with industry trends.
– Go the extra mile for your customers. Exceed their expectations.
– Be transparent.
– Create a community for your customers.
– Hire top-notch people.

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